Henkala Shadowsong

Elderly proprietor of Phantasmal Glamours


Henkala is the elderly proprieter of Phantasmal Glamours, a long destroyed spell component shop catering to illusionists. A child at the time of the initial destruction of Blingdenstone, she escaped the Drow invasion. Having returned with the expedition, Henkala is currently attempting to rebuild her shop, though hampered by her age.

Henkala has requested the party deal with Ogrémoch’s Bane, a powerful elemental controlling other earth elementals in the Hall of Miners. She also informed the party of the Pechs living in the Armorers and Weaponsmiths’ Hall.

Henkala believes that Kargian Dissengulp has ambition to name himself king, and believes a true heir to the former bloodline should wear the crown instead.

Henkala Shadowsong

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