Reclaiming Blingdenstone

Reclaiming Blingdenstone, Session 1

Traveling to the svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone, you have taken on the task of assisting the deep gnomes in reclaiming their city. Destroyed over a century ago, progress has been made by an expedition in retaking the city from the hordes of Underdark denizens that now roam its halls. However, due to a lack of support from the surface, the expedition has stalled and is in danger of failing. You have answered the call for adventurers, and arrive to find the deep gnomes in dire straits indeed.

Your guide, a deep gnome named Briddick, lead you through the vast, trapped labyrinth leading into Blingdenstone. Upon arrival, you were greeted with the sight of a still-ruined city, with weary gnomes manning barricades, wielding broken weapons with poor, if any, armor.

Learning Orcs were the primary threat to the barricades, you ventured in to their territory. Managing to avoid ambush and a cavern threatened by powerful earth elementals, you were able to kill two patrols of orcs (ten in total), before one orc slipped away to rally reinforcements. Wisely beating a retreat, you decided to rest and regain your strength, before speaking with more of the svirfneblin to learn more of the situation.

Kargien Dissengulp, leader of the expedition, was the first gnome you sought out. Seemingly pleased at your arrival, Kargien tasked you with clearing the House Center, the former seat of government for Blingdenstone, and recovering the crown of the old svirfneblin kings. Kargien is ostensibly interested in recovering the crown as a symbol for the gnomes, a rallying point. Some of you suspect, however, that Kargien has more ambitious plans.

Upon agreeing to recover the crown, you spoke with Henkala Shadowsong, an elderly gnome clearing debris from her old store. Present for, and escaping, the destruction of Blingdenstone, Henkala has returned to rebuild her family’s store. Due to her age, her paltry efforts are likely more for her own gratification than any actual real attempt to rebuild.

While Polly “helped” Henkala clear some of the larger debris, Henkala affirmed your suspicions of Kargien’s ambition. She explained the crown belongs to a true heir of the former bloodline, not someone like Kergien, who she believes would place his personal ambition over the welfare of the svirfneblin.

If as to prove her point, Henkala mentioned an issue that Kergian refuses to address. Earth Elementals are running wild in the Hall of Miners, controlled by a strange, powerful elemental she calls Ogrémoch’s Bane. She is concerned (perhaps moreso, given the proximity of her store to the Hall) the being will one day send elementals against the gnomes, a threat that would likely kill them all. Pechs, she pointed out, had moved into the old Armorers and Weaponsmiths’ Hall, and if anyone knew how to deal with Ogrémoch’s Bane it would be them.

Agreeing to look into the problem, the party proceeded to the House Center to recover the crown. Facing down zombie orcs, gnome skeletons, fire beetles, giant centipedes, pit traps, and a deadly grey ooze, the party has made considerable headway into the building. Additionally, on the corpse of a gnome, a journal fragment by one Evarell was found.


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